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Natural Environment, Ecological Characterization

These studies are being carried out in the vicinity of  industrial facilities, such as the ENDESA power station in As Pontes (ENDESA) and Fenosa's natural gas stations in Meirama, Narcea, Anllares and La Robla, with the Sabón and Sagunto combined-cycle plants recently joining the project.

The applied methodology follows the guidelines of the international program for the assessment and monitoring of forests (ICP Forests), which is part of the Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP), and the regulations of the program for the protection of forests against atmospheric pollution in the European Union. 
What we offer
In order to face the complexity laid down by these studies, Novotec has set up a multidisciplinary team comprising experts in air-quality biomonitoring, atmospheric-pollutant dosimetry, plant pathology, critical-load determination and soil analysis, amongs other areas.
We adapt the controls to the specific characteristics of each facility and environment, coordinate and integrate the individual specialised work, and ensure the technical soundness of the studies.
Key benefits for the client
  • Support in meeting their environmental commitments. 
  • Information regarding the effectiveness of the measures taken to minimise their impact on the environment (changes in processes, fuels, emissions-reduction technologies, etc.).
  • An assessment whether the damage to forests and wooded lands is due to biotic factors.
  • Information regarding the possible influence of air quality on the environment.
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