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Applus+ Norcontrol approved as Guided Waves service provider
Energy industry and petrochemical industry in particular, require the use of advanced technologies and massive explorations to improve their reliability rates. One of the most developed products due to the processing improvement and analysis of the records is that of Guided Waves.
This NDT technique is designed to detect the loss of material due to corrosion in pipes and its proper application requires highly-qualified and accredited technicians.
Repsol: Inspection of lines at Puertollano refinery
Applus+ Norcontrol succeeded in developing the Guided Waves technology with the initial support of Applus+ RTD. Repsol invited Applus+ Norcontrol to a tender for the inspection of 1,080 lines at Puertollano’s refinery, where the use of Guided Waves technology was required. This product was not included in Applus+ Norcontrol’s catalogue at that moment, but it was offered through Applus+ RTD. The submission for the tender was prepared planning the acquisition of material resources, the implementation process and training of designated personnel with the help of an Applus+ RTD technical expert during the first weeks of the project.
Finally, in September 2013 Repsol awarded Applus+ Norcontrol the tender in exchange for guaranteeing the quality of service while maintaining the Applus RTD technician’s collaboration until the company deemed appropriate. Thanks to the outstanding capacity and attitude shown by Applus+ Norcontrol’s technicians, the Applus+ RTD expert left the project in the fourth week and in February 2014 the works were finished with total success, both technically and economically, exceeding the expectations and fully satisfying the client.  
BP internal certification
BP refinery in Castellón certifies internally the technician-equipment pairing through a process of self-validation.
The BP validation consists in passing a blind test tube test with strategically placed defects that represent most of the expected failure mechanisms. To achieve the BP’s internal certification, the technician must be able to execute the exploration with the Guided Waves equipment, analyse and interpret the file with the records obtained and characterize the signals in order to detect the existing defects. He must subsequently perform the sizing by using the ultrasound conventional technique.  
In May 2014 one of the Applus+ Norcontrol technicians successfully passed the test at BP Castellón, therefore our company was approved as a Guided Waves service provider.
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