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Technical control agency (OCT)

Certification and quality control of the entire construction process.

This service is aimed at property developers, builders, insurance companies or facultative directions.


  • The Ministry of Housing has approved the Applus+ brand to be included in the general register of quality marks and the general register of the building construction technical code.
  • We provide our technical inspection services for the project and for completion, required in order to obtain a 10-year insurance policy.
  • Our technical inspection services must be determined before beginning work.
  • Our work methodology (E.R.E.S.) includes all of the activities covered by the definition of technical risk associated with the project and its completion, in order to ensure the quality of work and to guarantee the acceptance of a 10-year insurance plan.
  • The participation of a technical inspection organization is required by the building construction regulation laws for residential buildings.
  • To ensure quality, we directly monitor the activities dealing with the quality control program, the geotechnical study, the complete implementation project and the weatherproof and waterproof integrity.
  • We have specific checklists to monitor work during the different work stages.
  • We apply various structural testing methods to ensure stability of the construction.
  • We carry out specific risk assessment technical procedures.
  • We provide added value to the construction process, given that it is subject to an external audit.
  • We arrange communication through a single contact person responsible for the construction ensuring the expected levels of quality.
  • Our nationwide coverage for the follow-up of construction work ensures rapid service and quality.
  • We are recognized by the main insurance companies.
  • We provide peace of mind that the final construction work will fulfill the quality levels expected by the final user.
  • We guarantee the building developer, building contractor and insurance company that the construction work is completed at the required quality levels.
  • We are specialized in the early detection of construction problems, avoiding unexpected construction costs.
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