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Technical assistance and management of infrastructure construction

Assurance of construction quality and adaptation to current standards.
This service is aimed at
  • Public agencies
  • Infrastructure management public enterprises
  • Infrastructure work private companies, construction companies and private developers
We carry out exhaustive verifications and monitoring of the measurements and schedules to strictly comply with the budget provided by the customer. We monitor and implement the modifications required by the project.
We provide our experience and knowledge in all of the sectors involved in the construction of a large infrastructure, taking care of:
  • Management of the required land, as well as its expropriation or acquisition
  • Technical assistance in the physical environment study (geotechnics, hydrology and hydraulics, coastal dynamics, etc.)
  • Establishment of construction technical offices with the ability to make quantitative and qualitative verifications
  • Specialist technical assistance for structural calculations, dimensioning of manufacturing constructions, road modifications, etc.
  • Establishment of construction laboratories for the quality control of materials
  • All of the necessary equipment for sounding of the site layers and the horizontal and vertical signalling, facilitating correct completion of the infrastructures and thus ensuring improved road safety
  • Coordination of health and safety during the construction work
  • Environmental monitoring of the construction according to the project environmental impact declaration
  • Specialized technical assistance for industrial, electric and telecommunications installations for the construction (hydroelectric power stations, hydraulic pumps, electric power systems and safety, etc.)
  • Drawing up modified and as-built projects of the finished building work
  • Ensures the construction process quality for any infrastructure, from the initial idea until operation
  • Provides availability of all equipment necessary to ensure qualitative and quantitative monitoring of all work stages
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