Study of pathologies

Identification of the pathologies causes based on the information obtained on the inspection, the existing documentation and the results of possible testing.

This service is aimed at public organizations, building developers, architects and building owners.

A pathology study is performed under certain circumstances such as:

  • Cracking of elements such as columns, beams, top slabs, facades, interior partitions walls, roofs, etc.
  • Old structures whose utility has changed.
  • Structures exposed to harmful environments such as corrosion and rusting.
  • Structures modified without initial study.
  • Structures reaching the end of their useful life.
  • Technical inspection of buildings.

For the building construction pathology study in buildings, we analyze and perform the following phases:

  • Initial examination.
  • Inspection and data collection.
  • Study of existing documentation.
  • Trials and testing.
  • Analysis of the pathology.
  • Proposal for action.
  • Budget estimate for repairs.
  • Supervision of the executed repairs.
  • Drafting and delivery of the final report.
  • Restores the tolerance and dangerousness limits of structures.
  • Increases the useful life of the structure under examination.
  • Provides knowledge of the condition of the structure and presents the structure limits established by present-day standards.
  • Provides solutions to cracking problems in different elements.
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