Pavement management

Measurement and analysis of parameters to analyze the functional and structural condition of roads for management and conservation.
This service is aimed at public roads and airports agencies, expressway companies, road maintenance companies, construction companies and engineering bureaus.
Types of service:
  • Road analysis surveys. Measurement and analysis of road structural and functional parameters.
  • Road rehabilitation and pathology studies.
  • New construction quality control.
  • Development of management systems for the conservation of road networks and bridges.
  • R+D+i projects.
Our services are characterized by:
  • Customer proximity and nationwide distribution of proprietary machinery.
  • Highly specialized personnel.
  • Permanent client advisory service, providing specific solutions in each case.
  • Wide range of available technology: Lacroix deflectograph, Scrim, falling weight deflectometer, laser profile meter, geometric and visual inventory, Geo-radar imaging, Ecodyn, Retroreflectometer (road markings and vertical signals), TRL pendulum, colorimeter, etc.
  • Development of proprietary technology.
  • Provides the knowledge necessary about roads and routes for your conservation or construction project.
  • Optimizes conservation costs and increases the quality of newly road constructions.
  • Monitors and improves road safety levels.
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