Allows companies to concentrate on their core business by havingallowing a specialist organization to take care of manageing their support systems and processes.

This service is aimed at

All types of organizations, public or private organizations, that are beginning business or with have an existing significant professional history and intending to incorporate external qualified professionals for internal activities.


  • We have experts in all sectors of economic activity allowing us to design, give advice and maintain updated systems.
  • We fully adapt to the needs of organizations providing services concerning:
  • Quality system management, environment management and prevention management
  • Management assistance: in the definition of policy, development and distribution of plans of action, system revision, objectives monitoring, etc.
  • Process management: through the Iidentification of key processes, indicator definition, process monitoring, etc.
  • Continuous improvement of systems: through Iimplementation, continuous improvement, definition and deployment of best practices, etc.
  • Training: for identifyingication of requirements, scheduling, teaching, assessment , internal communications, etc.
  • Documentation:, including update and maintenance of documentation, standards, etc.)
  • Internal audits
  • Technological solutions for outsourcing services: for legislative updates, etc.


  • Benefits from a multi-disciplinary team with extensive experience in the implementation of management systems and support work
  • Allows your organization to concentrate on its core business and toby delegateing activities to a specialized company
  • Guarantees the success of organizational objectives originating from organization policy and strategy
  • Benefits from external resources that may be considered as internal





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