Operations consultancy

We work with companies by applying the concepts and methodologies of Lean-Six Sigma, thereby increasing profitability and productivity.

This service is aimed at

Companies that permanently question the efficiency and effectiveness of their key processes, thereby guaranteeing their presence in the market.


We work together with companies on their improvement programs, which includes training, project development, and project implementation. We help companies find solutions to their productivity, maintenance, or inventory problems.

Following the DMAIC approach (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control), and using the information provided by the value chain map (VSM) and using tools such as 5S, TPM, SMED, etc., we work towards the following:

  • Increasing a firm's response capacity to its customers (quality, deadline, and price).
  • Optimizing productivity and the costs associated with the product or service, thereby improving profitability.
  • We take Taking advantage of the best of each Lean-Six Sigma approach, which results in the following: 
  • Strong knowledge of the process.
  • Knowledge and measurement of the elements that destabilize the process, as well as the root causes thereof, in order to find and implement the best solutions to those causes.
  • The elimination of activities that do not contribute value, thereby helping us to reduce costs and deadlines.

During project development, we work hand-in-handclosely with companies in the search for the necessary cultural changes that to ensure implemented and the implementation of real improvements.

We provide the required flexibility to work according to the needs of companies, getting our hands dirty at the plant when necessary, or guiding and training internal project managers on in developing improvement programs.


  • Respondsing to customer requirements and expectations, with optimum use of their resources.
  • ImplementsHaving real projects with effective results to be measured in the control stage after implementation (DMAIC).
  • Successfully involvesing everyone in the processes and in questioning the results.


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