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Infrastructure studies and projects

Drafting of initial projects and projects for the construction of installations and infrastructures. Completion of specialist technical studies for the physical measure and pathology of structures.
This service is aimed at
  • Public agencies
  • Infrastructure management public enterprises
  • Infrastructure work private companies, construction companies and private developers
We provide our experience and knowledge in all the areas and sectors involved in the complete drafting of infrastructures as construction projects:
  • Developing the definitions of the land required, as well as its expropriation or acquisition
  • Drafting all project appendices
  • Performing specialist technical studies in structural calculations, dimensioning of manufacturing constructions, road modifications, etc
  • Drafting the health and safety plan for construction work
  • Drafting the environmental impact declaration for the project
  • Drawing up modified and as-built projects of the finished building work
  • Performing studies of pathologies, both in civil works elements as well as in industrial and electric installations
  • Guarantees project quality by covering all of the areas of knowledge necessary
  • Assures project quality due to a highly-qualified and multi-disciplinary team of people
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