Ground engineering

Geotechnical studies, boreholes and on-site testing, ground pollution studies and pathologies due to hardening.

This service is aimed at public agencies, private companies, construction companies, engineering bureaus and building developers.

We offer a complete service for all types of studies involving ground engineering, for building construction and civil works, as well as for the environment and mining sectors.
To guarantee the effectiveness of our activity, we have:
  • A wide range of highly qualified people including geologists, geological engineers and civil engineers (roads, canals and ports) with more than 10 years of experience.
  • A large supply of equipment for on-site prospecting and sounding (borehole equipment, dynamic penetrometer, inclinometer, pressure meters, geophysical prospecting equipment, pile sounding, etc.).
  • Our own laboratories for ground and rock mechanical testing, in addition to construction laboratories nationwide.
  • Full official approvals for our activities.
  • Availability of a large quantity of material resources: sounding machines, on-site testing, etc.
  • Availability of a large network of ground mechanics and rock laboratories.
  • Rapid response capacity for any possibility arising in the challenges proposed by our customers. 
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