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Elevators - CE test under directive 95/16/CE

As a notified agency, we use this procedure to verify and certify that an elevator model and corresponding elevator has no extensions or modifications according to the terms of Spanish royal decree 1314/97.

This service is aimed at

All companies manufacturing and installing elevators.



As an official notified agency, we examine the technical documentation in order to evaluate the suitability of a project according to established legal requirements.
Once the documentation has been analyzed, we examine the elevator in situ to ensure that it conforms to the technical project.
We perform the necessary inspections, as well as the relevant testing, to ensure that the solutions, adapted by the manufacturer or fitter, fulfill the directive requirements and ensure that the elevator is safe.
If the elevator model fulfills the terms of the Spanish royal decree, we issue a CE examination certificate for this elevator model.
This certificate is valid for beginning operation in the location.



  • Streamlines the approval processes of this type
  • Guarantees compliance with the terms established by European directives
  • Facilitates the marketing of registered elevators given that the certificate is valid for marketing in the entire EC.
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