Dam auscultation

Evaluation and certification of dam safety by monitoring and analyzing their most important features. Planning and coordination of their proper maintenance.

This service is aimed at public or private companies that build, operate or maintain dams.

The purpose of dam auscultation is to evaluate and ensure their safety by monitoring and analyzing their most important features, as well as plan and coordinate their proper maintenance. 


We offer our extensive experience, cutting edge technology, and comprehensive service for all services related to dam auscultation for:

  • Dams under construction
  • Dams in operation 

What we have

  • Latest generation industrial software with online access for the client.
  • Industry leading manufacturer's sensors and equipment installed.
  • Latest generation automatic topography.
  • Reading equipment supply, assembly and installation.
  • Readings and maintenance.
  • Results interpretation.
  • Dam safety advice. 


  • Control and evaluation of the dam's behavior according to the safety requirements of current laws.
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