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Comprehensive management system forindustrial regulations SIGRID

This is a web-based tool created to ensure and to build a management system for the application of different industrial safety regulations.

This service is aimed at

Companies from all sectors who need to effectively manage the statutory situation of their installations: industry, hospitals, shopping centers, etc.


This application, thanks to its specific programming, automatically processes input data automatically providing the user with the dates on which they must complete the different statutory actions.

It is designed and structured according to the requirements of each customer, taking into account the configuration of each plant, applicable regulations, types of consultation and reports.

Other facilities include:

  • Automatically reports machines or installations that have expired and those that are due to expire given a chosen period.
  • Keeps a technical and statutory inventory of the installations.
  • Uses client - server architecture
  • Designed as a web application without requiring installation on the client PC.
  • Accessible from any computer with access to the corporate network.
  • The application works from a central database, ORACLE or SQL/Server, the most powerful ones on the market.


  • Effectively manages the installations on statutory level
  • Plans statutory maintenance and inspection actions giving the required credentials for each situation
  • Avoids administrative fines due to failure to comply with current legislation
  • Automatically updates the machinery inventory and individual situations
  • Draws up the machine registers required by bodies
  • The software is adapted to customer requirements, without requiring intermediaries saving time and money
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