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Building construction technical assistance and quality control

Technical advisory service and quality control, from the project design to construction work.

This service is aimed at building developers, public or private, who want to ensure quality and comply with standards in force through all of the construction process phases.


We have many offices providing nationwide coverage, with a multi-disciplinary team of people including specialists with many different experiences in first-class construction.

We provide our technical assistance and quality control services to all entities participating in the construction process at all stages:

  • During the design of the construction project.
  • During the period prior to construction.
  • During construction and completion of the final construction work.
  • During the acceptance and final verification of the construction.

We provide our services using specific monitoring computer applications, particularly in:

  • Geotechnics support.
  • Structure and architectural support.
  • Installations support.
  • Materials monitoring and operations testing support.

We provide our technical assistance activities in:

  • Reconsideration of the construction.
  • Geotechnics monitoring, project monitoring and work monitoring of all work stages.
  • Specialized advisory services project management (structural and installations recalculations and changes, etc.).
  • Monitoring of work certifications.
  • Completing the facilities start-up protocols.
  • Supervising construction quality control.
  • Completion of as-built plans and the Construction Register.
  • Environmental monitoring of construction.


  • A completely defined and feasible project.
  • Strict compliance with existing standards.
  • Monitoring of possible deviations from the construction budget.
  • Correct operation of construction installations.
  • Absence of pathologies.
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