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The Applus+ laboratory recognized for ENplus testing


We offer services in the field of the forest biomass
Currently, there is a growing number of companies dedicated to the forest biomass valorization, in some cases as manufacturer/dealer of boilers with this type of fuel and in other cases as producer/dealer of the biomass. In this last case, the companies involved in this activity, must adapt to a system of product certification that EPC manages in Europe and that allows to ensure the availability of this type of fuel under certain quality conditions. This certification system includes audits and controls by third part companies that pretend to increase confidence in this service.
Inside our strategic plan, we included two years ago, the need to give the necessary resources to our laboratories to carry out fuel analysis, so that, to this day we can realized liquid samples testing (fuel, biodiesel) solid as charcoal, coke or recently biomass.
As a necessary step to provide this services in the field of the forest biomass and more specifically within the framework of ENplus certification, is necessary to achieve the accreditation according to UNE-EN-ISO 17025 regulation, (obtained at the beginning of 2016) and also necessary to be recognized as Testing Body by ENPlus, to be able to carry out this tests. This last point has been obtained recently, which allows us to expand our product portfolio towards our regular customers. (Check the list recognized testing bodies http://www.enplus-pellets.eu/production/testing-bodies/ )
As final step in this strategic line of development, we establish the need to be able to analyze gaseous fuels that would allow us to offer an even broader service.
If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by the e-mail, info@applusnorcontrol.com  or by phone at +34981014500.
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