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The telecommunications division has more than 15 years of experience in telecommunications and ICT activities, services, and project management. Our scope includes planning, management, inspection, and analysis services of telecommunications networks.

We focus on two hubs:

  1. Guaranteeing the best quality of the network deployed or in operation and in the services it provides.
  2. Providing said quality while maximizing our client's savings in expenditures and investments. Our main clients are telecommunications network operators, vendors or equipment manufacturers, public administrations, systems integrators, among others

*In accordance with widely accepted standards, we do not provide technical consulting and accredited inspection services for the same client in the same business, nor consulting and certification services for the same client in the same management system.

Telecommunications technical assistance

Support services for deploying telecommunication networks, covering the entire process: from the technical andstrategic planning, design, setup, supervision, the integration, to the certification of any telecommunications system

Telecommunications networks inspection&certification

Allows to know the degree of compliance with regulatory aspects, technical requirements, and the quality evolution in telecommunication networks through data capture in audits or inspections for its analysis and the subsequent issuance of a report.


Applus+ was in QITCOM 2017, Qatar´s biggest digital event

The event took place at QNCC (Qatar National Convention Center) on March 6th - 8th.

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