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Engineering, consulting, technical assistance, supervision, inspection, and testing services in the design, execution and operation phases of projects and industrial facilities while working together towards improving the efficiency of energy and production processes.


*In accordance with widely accepted standards, we do not provide technical consulting and accredited inspection services for the same client in the same business, nor consulting and certification services for the same client in the same management system.

Non-destructive testing (NDT)

The application of methods and techniques of non-destructive, conventional, or registrable advanced testing for detecting any lack of continuity in materials and welded seams, in order to evaluate their suitability for use in conformity with the relevant codes and standards.

Vendor inspection and project quality management

Processes of technical assistance and consulting aimed at the creation of purchasing and quality specifications, which ensure that the project satisfies the requirements for which it has been designed, including the planning and activation of the project itself and source inspection at the vendor site.

Mechanical engineering

Design, development, consulting and approval of detailed engineering projects with particular emphasis on gas distribution networks and the improvement of industrial processes through the analysis, definition, and deployment of optimization measures (instrumentation, automation, scadas, best techniques available, etc.), which result in lower operational costs.

Asset integrity

Consulting specialized in the integrity of plant and predictive testing aimed towards optimizing reliable operation of industrial facilities, assessing the condition of the components and developing the most appropriate technical solutions.

Supervision and inspection of manufacturing and assembly

Integrated professional services in technical assistance, supervision and inspection of the stages of manufacturing and assembly of equipment in industrial facilities, to ensure compliance with the requirements established for the project.

In-service supervision and inspection

Integrated professional services in consulting, technical assistance, supervision, inspection, and highly specialized diagnostics of plants in operation, particularly in the power and petrochemical sectors.


Applus+ organized with great success the 7th Intercompany meeting in its facilities in Barcelona

The journey, held on November 13, was attended by the main companies of the sector.

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Success Stories

Rumag Rueda mágnetiva Robot Rovion
RUMAG Project

RUMAG Project includes the design, development, manufacture and patent of a magnetic wheel for the 'Rovion Robot'

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