Industrial safety

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It consists of inspecting various equipment, facilities, or services, to verify if the risks which these elements could produce are sufficiently prevented by compliance with the technical specifications which are established for them in the various national, regional, and European level industrial safety regulations.


*In accordance with widely accepted standards, we do not provide technical consulting and accredited inspection services for the same client in the same business, nor consulting and certification services for the same client in the same management system.

ATIR (statutory inspection technical assistance)

The object is to provide support and assistance to clients to cope with any issues they may have related to compliance of industrial safety regulations.

Notified agency (O.N)

The aim is to carry out the official inspections set out as mandatory in the regulations of the european union (directives) for the manufacture of products.

SIGRE (integrated systems for regulatory management)

This entails the management for a client of all the legal elements that comprise complying with industrial safety regulations in the legalization, and subsequently in the operation, of their business (permit applications, equipment registration/cancelation, control inspections, etc.) sigre (integrated management systems for regulations).

OC Mining (ECA)

The aim is to carry out activities under specific statutory inspection of mine safety regulations (Mining Basic Safety Regulation (RGNBSM) and Complementary Technical Instructions (ITC's) that develop).


Applus+ expands its accreditations with the metrological control of taximeters and the update of its accreditation in IP04

The company strives to remain a benchmark and in an increasingly competitive sector.

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