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Since its startup, Applus+ Norcontrol's field of activity has been closely linked to the electrical sector, in the areas of generation, transportation, distribution, and marketing.

We help our clients in all the phases of a project's life cycle: from the design, the approvals process, execution, and commisioning, to maintenance of the facilities.


*In accordance with widely accepted standards, we do not provide technical consulting and accredited inspection services for the same client in the same business, nor consulting and certification services for the same client in the same management system.

Electrical inspection

We inspect the technical deviations in the assembly and maintenance of facilities used for electric power generation, transportation, distribution and marketing as required by the current regulations. using the most advanced techniques, we perform from project documentation reviews to any tests needed to evaluate the condition of the installation.

Electrical testing

We perform tests and diagnostics for the rollout and predictive maintenance in high and medium voltage electrical installations to assess their condition and avoid power failures and to carry out preventive actions as required. using our mobile laboratories we have the ability to test all the elements of the installation: electrical rotating machinery, power transformers, cables and switchgear, control and safety systems.

Electrical technical assistance

We help our clients meet the goals set by site management: budgeted costs, scheduled execution time, quality and safety on the site.. we guarantee responsiveness, teamwork and initiative with a construction management and supervision team composed of technical personnel with experience in large scale electrical infrastructure construction sites.

Administrative procedures and approvals

We provide technical assistance in the processing of all administrative approvals required for the execution of the project. we develop technical and legal assistance in the management of eminent domain proceedings at all stages: stakeout, field sheets, deposit calculations, recordings, valuations, appraisal and resources statements.


Endesa relies again on Applus + to carry out the high voltage networks inspection in the south of Spain through the Búho System

As its trusted partner, the power company does not hesitate to bet on our latest technology to make its inspections.

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