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Project design, site management, technical assistance, quality control, testing and analysis of all types of infrastructures and construction sites.


Construction site technical assistance, construction management and technical control body. Pathologies study. Real estate assets management for financial institution(pre-sale and post-sale).


Project design, technical studies, technical assistance, and construction site management for transportation infrastructure works(railways, roads, ports and airports) and hydraulic works.


Instrumentation and monitoring of dams and underground sites; instrumentation projects. Risk analysis. Supply, installation, and reading of sensors. Automatic topography. Specific on-line management software with alarm management capabilities and web access.

Pavement survey

Structural and functional survey of roadways and airports pavement (deflections, road friction coefficient, iri, visibility of road markings, fissures, geo-radar). Visual inventories. Modeling and structural calculation of pavements. Pavement management systems.

Quality control laboratory

Accredited laboratory for the on-site testing of materials, concrete and its components, soils, bituminous mixes, steel and welding, tiles and prefabricated products. Operational testing of facilities, water/air tightness testing, acoustics and vibrations.

Ground engineering and mineral resources

Geotechnical, geological and hydrogeological studies. Ground engineering. Exploratory probing, laboratory testing and on-site ground testing. Mining technical assistance in rights management, open pit, and closure of mines.


Applus+ SITP Algeria
Applus + participated in SITP 2016 in Algeria

Applus + participated in the 14th International Fair of Public Works and Machinery held in Algeria

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Success Stories

Rumag Rueda mágnetiva Robot Rovion
RUMAG Project

RUMAG Project includes the design, development, manufacture and patent of a magnetic wheel for the 'Rovion Robot'

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