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Water collection, treatment, and distribution

captación y tratamiento agua

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Global economic development increases the demand for energy, and therefore requires an appropriate response to this rising consumption. The most important aspects to be considered in this process are: safety and efficiency in the distribution and storage facilities, alternative energies and environmental sustainability, mainly in the reduction of emissions.

Applus+ is active in all these fields and offers producers, distributors and marketers of electric power, water, and gas our capabilities - along with the corresponding credentials - for testing, inspection, certification and technical assistance of their facilities, products and services.

Applus+ will help you improve your relationship with government agencies.


The European Union develops new guidelines on their water policy

The European Union, according to their concern about environment and, in particular, the continental waters, has established on their Guideline 2000/60/CE a framework on the water policy, promoting its protection, rational use and quality control.

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