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The industrial sector must conform to regulatory requirements set by government agencies and by society in general, in order to comply with legislative specifications, which are constantly evolving in areas such as quality, environment and safety.

At Applus+, we help you comply with these legal requirements, and in addition, we offer our technological solutions throughout the value chain of your products and facilities, from design, to manufacture and marketing.

Applus+ will inspect your facilities and our engineers will provide the technical assistance required to improve their performance. At the same time, we will provide testing and calibration services for your products at our laboratories, as well as our engineering services for their improvement or the design of new solutions.

Environmental monitoring and natural environment
Consulting for management systems certification
Vendor inspection and project quality management
Environmental engineering
Environmental laboratory
ATIR (statutory inspection technical assistance)
Energy services (ESCO)


mediomambiente acreditación ensayos ENAC
Applus+ obtains the acreditation as Surveillance Inspection and Environmental Control Entity of industrial activities in the Comunidad Valenciana

Applus+ strengthen its position as one of the ECMCA (Collaborating Entities in the area of Environmental Quality) who has the highest recognitions to technical competence and quality relating to inspection and testing activities.

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Success Stories

Rumag Rueda mágnetiva Robot Rovion
RUMAG Project

RUMAG Project includes the design, development, manufacture and patent of a magnetic wheel for the 'Rovion Robot'

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