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Applus+ provides an extensive range of consulting, management, supervision, technical assistance, inspection, and testing services, in response to the needs of all types of construction sites, covering all the development stages.

We work in the planning, construction, and operational stages, and have extensive experience in civil engineering infrastructure projects, as well as in construction, whether residential or industrial. We are the benchmark in the design and implementation of energy efficiency solutions.

Our extensive network of multidisciplinary laboratories, our teams specializing in roadway surveying, as well as the latest technology we have for tunnel and dam instrumentation, allow us to take on technologically complex projects with the maximum warranty of success.

Ground engineering and mineral resources
Quality control laboratory
Pavement survey
Energy services (ESCO)
Consulting for management systems certification
Environmental engineering
Environmental monitoring and natural environment


The Energy & Industry Division in Spain, in a joint venture with EPTISA, has been awarded the position of technical assistance for the management, coordination, technical control and execution of the railway access works to Ferrol´s Exterior Port

This project joins previous projects carried out by Applus+, which has been providing the service of control and surveillance of railway works for more than 25 years.

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Success Stories

Rumag Rueda mágnetiva Robot Rovion
RUMAG Project

RUMAG Project includes the design, development, manufacture and patent of a magnetic wheel for the 'Rovion Robot'

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