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Technical consultancy

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We offer integrated consulting and outsourcing solutions creating value for our clients, which are essentially aimed at the improvement of corporate management.

Applus+'s consulting services are based on continuous technological innovation, on advanced techniques in knowledge management, and on maintaining a close relationship with our clients.

Our services focus on quality and sustainability activities, processes, innovation, human resources and organizational development, strategy, and training.

*In accordance with the generally accepted standards, we do not provide technical consultancy and accredited inspection services for the same customer regarding the same issue. Similarly, we do not render consultancy and certification services for the same customer regarding the same management system.

Consulting for management systems certification
Electrical technical assistance


Climate change - Applus+
The Applus+ laboratory recognized for ENplus testing

We offer services in the field of the forest biomass

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Events - Publications

Applus + participates in the Noite Da Industria, the major event of the industrial sector in Galicia

In this year´s event, individuals, businesses and activities, will be recognized for their contribution to the Galician industry

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