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 Verification of your products, processes and services to establish their compliance with standards, both in regulated and voluntary areas.

Applus+ Norcontrol carries out inspections of facilities, products, and services of all types worldwide, and guarantees objectivity and impartiality in the results, helping you fulfill your contractual obligations with clients or suppliers.

*In accordance with the generally accepted standards, we do not provide accredited inspection services along with engineering or technical consultancy services for the same customer regarding the same issue.

ATIR (statutory inspection technical assistance)
Vendor inspection and project quality management


 Applus+ pipelines oil and gas
Applus+ organizes the 7th annual Intercompany meeting on integrity of oil and gas pipelines

The event, which will take place on November 13th in Barcelona, will be attended by the main companies in the sector

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Events - Publications

Applus+ participates in Climate KIC- the Climate Change as an economic driver and job generator

Applus+ will discuss the influence of the energy efficiency to slow down the climate change

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Success Stories

Rumag Rueda mágnetiva Robot Rovion
RUMAG Project

RUMAG Project includes the design, development, manufacture and patent of a magnetic wheel for the 'Rovion Robot'

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